Decision Making (personal)

008 – New World

Get into two groups.  Within a time limit, each group is to plan a new world. This world can include a form of government, key

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030 – Agree/Disagree

1. Divide the room into three sections, Agree, Disagree, and Don’t Know.  2. One participant stands in the centre of the room and reads out

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041 – Follow

Line up and close your eyes. One person puts a small sticker on the back of someone in the line. Start walking around the room. 

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044 – Soundscape

One person hides behind a curtain or elsewhere and makes random noises at various intervals (thumping, singing, screaming, clapping, etc.)  The rest of the group

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054 – In Common

Stand in a circle. One person calls out characteristics based on appearances (such as hair colour, gender etc).  People who share the same characteristics should

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