Welcome to the Stages Toolkit – Themes and Subthemes!

    These exercises are grouped into themes and subthemes to explore creatively in your class or workshop, followed by a discussion.

    Click on the red plus (+) next to “Themes” on the left, and then on the red plus (+) next to each Theme underneath to see the Sub-Themes in that group. Each Sub-Theme has different exercises with ideas for facilitating discussions. Click on the one you want to explore, and the site will bring up relevant exercises. Whether you are looking for ways in which to make your group’s lesson or research task more engaging and interactive, or you are looking for individual drama activities, the exercises here will offer you another angle for creative inquiry and discussion.

    There is also an Additional Exercises section under each Sub-Theme that has exercises and activities that apply to to all of the Topics in that Sub-Theme.

    To change your search results, simply click on a new Sub-Theme.

    003 – What Is / It Is

    Distribute sticky notes – each person receives two in different colours (e.g. one blue and one green). One note should say ‘What is…’, and the

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    005 – Stages Tableaux

    Introduce the 10 Stages of Genocide document and get into small groups.  Each group should choose 3 separate Stages and create 3 individual tableaus* for

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