Performance Workshops

    8 workshops apply the Stages practice to create a short, participatory performance by bringing a human rights lens to the understanding of local, national, or international events.

    Stage 3, created in 2018 by a group of QMUL students and theatre director Canan Salih, engages the audience in a mock citizenship test and generates conversations about migration, discrimination and belonging. The national event that influenced the performance narrative was the UK’s sudden exclusion of Caribbean immigrants who had lived in the UK as citizens since the 1950’s (the “Windrush generation”). The human rights framework was The 10 Stages of Genocide, by Professor Gregory Stanton, that defined the concept of genocide as a long process, with the possibility of the early recognition of its precursors and their interruption.


    Ideas for using this material:

    · Re-create, or adapt, the 12-minute interactive performance, Stage 3, with your students or community groups.

    · Use the workshop series to create a new interactive piece based on the Stages methodology.

    · Combine individual workshops with exercises from the Themes section of the Toolkit to focus on a specific Topic.


    Learn more about this research-based performance methodology by clicking on the red plus (+) next to ‘Performance Workshops’. You will also find translations of the Stage 3 script and technical score in 7 languages. We welcome translations into other languages.

    The Stages Method

    We know from Paulo Freire’s work about the power of experiential learning. And we know from cognitive scientists that we all have strong cognitive biases

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    8th Workshop

    Workshop 8 – Aims Ensure the ensemble is ready for the performance   Learning Outcomes On completion of the drama workshop participants have knowledge of:

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    7th Workshop

    Workshop 7 – Aims To develop teamwork and ensemble work To explore special awareness and staging To consolidate the script with staging and character work

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    6th Workshop

    Workshop 6 – Aims To develop the practice of Storytelling and Characterisation To develop the Officials characters with audience contact   Learning Outcomes On completion

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