Creative Insights

003 – What Is / It Is

Distribute sticky notes – each person receives two in different colours (e.g. one blue and one green). One note should say ‘What is…’, and the

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005 – Stages Tableaux

Introduce the 10 Stages of Genocide document and get into small groups.  Each group should choose 3 separate Stages and create 3 individual tableaus* for

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008 – New World

Get into two groups.  Within a time limit, each group is to plan a new world. This world can include a form of government, key

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033 – Orange Exercise

Sit in a semi-circle around a flipchart and brainstorm the question, ‘What is an orange like?’ For example, round, orange, etc. Make note of the

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042 – Poem

Write a short six-line poem/spoken word piece based on a topic you feel strongly about – this could be a current issue, something that happened

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