DIY Workshops

    This section is designed like a menu, to assist you to put together your own three-course workshop.

    Click on the red plus (+) next to “DIY Workshops” on the left to show three steps: Warm-Ups, Research and Drama Exercises.  Each has another red plus (+) next to it: click here and then you will be able to select from a list of types of exercises.

    Click on the type (such as discussions, physical warm-ups or vocal warm-ups to begin your workshop), and the site will bring up a variety of suggestions of creative exercises you could use.

    To select for another category of exercises or go to the next step, simply click on another red plus (+) or heading.


    003 – What Is / It Is

    Distribute sticky notes – each person receives two in different colours (e.g. one blue and one green). One note should say ‘What is…’, and the

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    005 – Stages Tableaux

    Introduce the 10 Stages of Genocide document and get into small groups.  Each group should choose 3 separate Stages and create 3 individual tableaus* for

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