Challenging Prejudices

033 – Orange Exercise

Sit in a semi-circle around a flipchart and brainstorm the question, ‘What is an orange like?’ For example, round, orange, etc. Make note of the

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034 – Step In

Stand in a circle.  One person calls a “Step in if…[instruction]”, for example: “Step in if you have brown hair”.  The people with brown hair

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049 – Identity

In pairs, each person tells the other about their first name – who they were named after or what their name means.  Repeat back to

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052 – Image Theatre

Get into pairs and prepare an image theatre presentation leading to a short, five-minute, improvisation based on personal experience of discrimination, such as racism and

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053 – Belonging

Divide the room into three areas – Yes or No  One person reads out a list of statements and asks the group to move around

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