7th Workshop

Workshop 7 –


To develop teamwork and ensemble work

To explore special awareness and staging

To consolidate the script with staging and character work


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the drama workshop participants have knowledge of:

  • The group should, be the end of the workshop, have a better sense of character and spacing within the performance.
  • Understanding of the script’s narrative and the semiology of the piece


Follow your nose, body parts

A movement exercise for the whole group. Move around the room, filling up the space, changing pace, changing direction, being aware of other people but not touching them. Now become aware of your nose. Let your nose lead you around the room. Follow it wherever it goes!

Develop this by focussing on different parts of the body, so that participants begin to discover new ways of moving. Very useful for dance or physical theatre, or simply for discovering movement ideas for characters. Try being led by your stomach, your little toe, your knee, your back and so on.

10 second object

Call out the name of an object and the whole group has to make the shape of that object out of their own bodies, joining together in different ways while the instructor counts down slowly from ten to zero.

Research of the show

Look at the research each group member has been allocated and apply it to the script.


Run Through

Print out copies of the script and after having done a quick read through, walk through it with the group. Discuss the run through at it’s completion.



Props and Set

Start a props list

Talk about costumes/set/technical requirements

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