009 – Grandmother’s Footsteps

  1. One person is Grandmother and stands at the opposite end of the room to the rest of the group, facing the wall.
  2. The rest of the group’s objective is to reach ‘grandmother’ (or grandfather) without being detected by them.
  3. Every time Grandmother turns around, the rest of the group must freeze. Anyone caught moving while the Grandmother is facing the group has to return to the far wall and start again. 
  4. The winner is the person who reaches Grandmother first.


Notes: This exercise gets people moving and exploring the space. It is a good starting point for creating interesting movement sequences and tableaus. You can introduce restraints by turning the floor into quicksand or only allowing slow-motion movements. Play around with introducing new rules, for example – leave some props in the space (like a hat, a scarf, a chair, etc.), then tell the group that everyone needs to interact with all objects before reaching Grandmother. 

Instructors may hold a frozen moment and ask participants to ‘come to life’ with a given theme and create an improvised moment. For example – a frozen image of a person sitting, a person standing with a hat on, another lying, trying to reach towards a scarf and the instructor gives the theme of ‘homelessness’. The group brings this moment to life and explores this theme with improvised dialogue and movement.

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