088 – Manifesto

  1. Discuss injustice(s) in the news today.
  2. Consider how different your lives would be if you were in charge. 
  3. Everyone must think of 2 rules/laws/changes you would introduce. One should be a big concept (e.g. no child goes hungry) and one should be playful (e.g. free ice cream every Friday).
  4. Everyone should share your manifestos as persuasively as possible, using your voices and gestures to influence the group’s opinion. 
  5. After everyone has shared, the group can vote for their favourite changes. 


Notes: This exercise works well when starting a new socially engaged project, particularly if the group already knows each other. Questions will need to be tailored if participants are navigating structural oppression or challenges, though the results can be powerful and generate rich discussion. This exercise provides lots of material to devise further performance.

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