007 – Identification/Discussion

  1. Bring a variety of newspapers and articles to discuss. Identify six topics which stand out and/or are of interest. 
  2. In three smaller groups or pairs, create a series of tableaus (or instructor could limit the tableaus to three). Experiment by including a word per person, or a line, or a series of spoken lines within the tableaus. 
  3. From these tableaus, choose which you thought was the most effective. What  theme has therefore been captured through this process?
  4. The chosen theme can end up being a very broad topic, such as ‘human rights’ or ‘fake news’. The group will need to identify particular aspects on which to focus. 


Examples: The following six topics were identified by a  group during their workshop, and this is how they were linked to the 10 Stages of Genocide:


  1. Judgement without knowledge – self-awareness, bias, prejudice, ‘whose truth’? (Polarisation)

  2. Identity – ties and knots, intersectionality (Extermination, Persecution)

  3. [In]equality – law, diplomatic immunity, ‘do black lives matter?’ (Polarisation)

  4. Lack of empowerment – peer pressure, marginalisation (Discrimination, Dehumanisation)

  5. Belonging – cultural identity (Classification, Symbolization)

  6. Human Rights – humanised/dehumanised, life governed by traits, geography, building boundaries, histories (Denial)

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