068 – Lines of Emotion

  1. Ask the group to move around the space with intention – perhaps walking in straight lines or 90 degree turns, avoiding eye contact with others. 
  2. The leader calls out an emotion (angry, excited, etc.). Participants must demonstrate this emotion in the way they are moving.
  3. Now, each time they are in line with someone, they have to stop, make eye contact with each other, and say a sentence each in the emotion that’s been called out.  

Notes: Emotions the facilitator might call out – anxiety, uncertainty, contentment, disbelief, confusion, puzzlement., shyness.


Notes (Stage 3): This exercise is really effective in both preparing the group for the different types of questions they may encounter with an audience, as well as giving them an opportunity to actually become the audience and understand the different levels of confusion and frustration they may experience during the production. 


Actors choose which line and which attitudes and emotional state of mind to respond with and, although, during the performance they may not have as much time to consider their response, it is important to do this exercise in each rehearsal to build up reflexive reactions to possible questions.

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