057 – Discrimination Box

  1. Prepare a box containing notes with a word that relates to a certain aspect of discrimination and prejudice (eg. racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, etc.) 
  2. Get into small groups and pick a note.
  3. Take 10 minutes to research the word and to create a short story about a person living in a situation related to it. 
  4. Each group performs the scene/story they come up with.
  5. Discuss the scenes, focusing on the following questions:


a. What would need to be changed in the story so that discrimination and prejudice would not occur? 

b. What can we do differently and what do we need to change within ourselves to be more aware of discrimination?


Example 1: A boy is being discriminated against at school due to a language barrier. The teacher just assumes his lack of understanding is related to intelligence, not a language barrier, and he is placed in all the lower-level classes. 


Example 2: A woman attends a group interview for a job in sport journalism. The rest of the interviewees are men. The woman is consistently talked over and is never called upon to answer questions by the panel. She does not get the job.


Notes: This exercise needs to be carried out with awareness and attention to sensitive topics/experiences/emotions. Do not force any participants to take part. Keep the discussion respectful (eg. do not interrupt others, respect everyone’s opinion, listen to others). You can repeat the steps and ask each group to create another story. 

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