056 – Animal Farm (for younger groups)

  1. Set out 5 chairs in a horizontal line. Each chair corresponds to an animal.
  2. 5 participants sit on the chairs and to represent an animal with a set of movements and sounds:
  • Lion – raise both hands with claws and ‘rawr’
  • Gorilla – gently pound on the chest with both fists and ‘grunt’
  • Snake – use both hands to form a snake moving and say ‘wiggle wiggle’
  • Crocodile – use both arms to act as a crocs mouth and snap the hand together, saying ‘Chop chop’
  • Bird – use hands as beaks and say ‘snap snap’.


3. The 5 participants pass on their animals by making their corresponding movements and sounds. For example, “Lion” begins by saying ‘Rawr to … Chop Chop’. Then “Crocodile” has to pass on by saying ‘Chop Chop to … ‘Wiggle Wiggle, etc. 

Rules are:

  • You cannot pass your animal to the person on either side of you. 
  • Once named, you should pass on your animal immediately. No hesitation is allowed. 
  • You must perform the right sounds and movements. 
  • Every time someone is out, everyone moves up a chair and a new participant fills in the excluded participants place. 
  • The CHAIRS are the same animals all the time, so,for example, whoever sits on the lion’s chair is the lion. 


Notes:  This is a fun warm-up activity to get participants thinking on their feet and starting considering stereotypes about animals.

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