055 – Local Stages

  1. Introduce the Ten Stages of Genocide. 
  2. In small groups, identify which Stage(s) your own countries/towns are in. Then, each group enacts, in a series of tableaux (frozen images), their chosen stage. 
  3. The rest of the group (the audience) try to figure out which Stage the performing group is referring to in their tableaux.


Notes: Countries are often in several different Stages at the same time. For example, the UK could be in the Stages of Classification,  Symbolisation and Discrimination, as well as Polarisation and Denial. Even if the group originates from the same country, they may have different ideas about which Stage that country could be classified in. This exercise encourages the group to discuss identifiers of the Ten Stages of Genocide, and how to identify them in our everyday lives. How can we recognise them earlier? How can we respond to them?

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