053 – Belonging

  1. Divide the room into three areas – Yes or No 
  2. One person reads out a list of statements and asks the group to move around the room according to the statement. For example, if the statement is ‘those who go/do not go to a place of worship regularly’, those who do will move to one corner, those who don’t will move to the opposite corner.
  3. The group will form a ‘community’  or a ‘cultural group’ based upon the statements. 


Suggested Statements: 

  • Those who go/do not go to a place of worship regularly 
  • Those who play/do not play in a team sport regularly 
  • Those who play/do not play a musical instrument in a band/orchestra; or sing/do not sing in a choir 
  • Those who are concerned/not too concerned about environmental issues 
  • Those who belong/do not belong to school/youth club 
  • Those who do/do not eat meat 
  • Those who frequent/do not frequent pubs/clubs 
  • Those who belong to a middle class/working class community


4. Afterwards, discuss and dismantle the idea of the homogeneous community – we can form communities with other people with different experiences, preferences and viewpoints and these are usually called cultures.

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