048 – Where is the Danger?

  1. Send one member of the group outside the room. 
  2. Get into pairs. 
  3. Each pair creates a scene where there is a danger that they know of but cannot mention. It can be a physical danger but one which is not readily seen. They cannot mention the dangerous scenario in dialogue when they enact the scene.
  4. The person outside reenters the room and the scenes are then played out.
  5. The person who joins needs to work out what the danger is, without being told.


Example: A beach scene – two people are sunbathing, the third person joins but the other two will not let that person sit down on the chair. The third person very soon uses clues and reads body language to deduce there is a threat buried under the chair.

Notes: Use this activity to focus on furthering the participants’ understanding of social and cultural taboos. Ask them to research examples, such as irrational fear and panic during a social crisis, and discuss this. 

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