045 – Chair Swap

  1. Sit in a circle. 
  2. Choose someone to stand in the middle and take their chair away.
  3. The person in the middle has to make a statement such as ‘Change places if you like Drama’. 
  4. The seated members of the group swap seats with someone else if they agree with the statement . The person in the middle also needs to find a seat. 
  5. The person who is unable to find a seat must move to the centre and make another statement like ‘Change places if you have blonde hair’ and the game continues.


Notes: It is important to discourage pushing in this game, as sometimes people may get carried away in their desire to find a seat. 

If participants are reluctant to play, ask them to avoid personal statements (such as political views or preferences) and instead focus on facts, such as appearance (for example – blue eyes, blonde hair, etc.).

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