044 – Soundscape

  1. One person hides behind a curtain or elsewhere and makes random noises at various intervals (thumping, singing, screaming, clapping, etc.) 
  2. The rest of the group is on the other side and walks around the space, making noises in response to the original noise. They can copy or interpret the sound they hear.  
  3. Slowly build up the volume and frequency and then stop.


Notes: This warm-up exercise is based on reports coming from various places in the world during the Coronavirus lockdown which discussed the use of sounds to communicate with friends and relatives. For example, music and clapping. 

This exercise is good for generating soundscapes and noise patterns. Depending on the type of performance, this simple improvisation may lead to the creation of a soundscape for a scene or similar (especially if the participants are not trained actors and are not familiar with other devising techniques).

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