041 – Follow

  1. Line up and close your eyes. One person puts a small sticker on the back of someone in the line.
  2. Start walking around the room. 
  3. Try to find the person with the sticker on their back and copy that person’s movements, without making it obvious.
  4. Ask the person who thinks they have the sticker on their back to raise their hand.


Ask the whole group to line up again and close their eyes.

  1. The same person presses everyone’s back as if placing a sticker, without actually placing a sticker on anyone.
  2. Repeat steps 2 – 4.
  3. Everyone will have their hands up, thinking they are the only one with a sticker.


Notes: Discuss nonverbal communication and how it impacts people who think they have been singled out, when in fact they have not.

This exercise initiates an interesting discussion on herd mentality – a phenomenon where people are influenced by a group and follow its behaviour despite having differing (individual) opinions. 

You can ask questions such as: If you thought you had the sticker on your back, how did you feel when people were not following you? Were you following everyone else? Why? Was there a particular dynamic which was established? 

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