034 – Step In

  1. Stand in a circle. 
  2. One person calls a “Step in if…[instruction]”, for example: “Step in if you have brown hair”. 
  3. The people with brown hair take one step forward. If it does not apply to you, do not move. 
  4. After each statement, every participant returns to their original position.


The “Step In …” instructions can become subject specific, depending on what you would like to find out about the group and have the group find out about each other. 

Example: ‘Step in if you vote’ or ‘Step in if you believe in capital punishment’, etc. 

Notes: This exercise allows the group members to learn more about each other, to find mutual points of interest as well as identify disagreements and possible topics for debate. It also allows the facilitator to learn more about the people in the group.

Variation: Everyone sits in a circle on chairs, one person is in the middle without a chair and they call out a characteristic that includes people in the group and has to include the person in the middle, for example if you have brown hair, if you like football, or if you had breakfast today. If that characteristic refers to you you change places with someone else and the person in the middle also tries to sit on a chair. Whoever ends up in the middle asks a different question and the game continues.

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