030 – Agree/Disagree

1. Divide the room into three sections, Agree, Disagree, and Don’t Know. 

2. One participant stands in the centre of the room and reads out the first statement. [See below for lists of suggested statements] 

3. The participants move to the section that best describes their opinion on the statement. 

4. Once everyone has moved, start with one group and invite someone from the group to share why they went to that particular section. Then move on to the next group and ask the same questions until someone from each group has had a chance to share. 

5. Allow space for people to change their mind and move to a different corner during the discussion. 

6. Repeat the same process with another statement.  


Suggested statements:

  • Seeing is believing. 
  • I am saying it, but I don’t believe it.
  • It is hard to stop believing  prejudice learnt from our families.
  • People deserve basic rights such as healthcare and access to education.
  • You are a product of your environment. 
  • Innocent until proven guilty.


Notes: This drama activity encourages participants to explore their views on controversial issues and to consider personal prejudices and preconceptions. It enables participants to share their opinions with others while listening to other people’s views and beliefs. 

This exercise may bring up sensitive issues for discussion so ensure that you refer to the ground rules have been established. 

This activity can be carried out with groups of any size. However, bear in mind that with a smaller group everyone will have a chance to share.


Additional questions to ask could be: How did people feel? Were they feeling under pressure to make choices? Were they influenced by where other people went? Were they afraid that their choices might be misunderstood? 

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