027 – Vocal Warm-up

Breath Support:

  1. Fricatives: fricatives are unvoiced sounds like th, ff, sh, and ss. You can do these in all positions: you can lie flat, sit, stand, etc. Place special emphasis in the movement of the diaphragm. 
  1. Sigh out on an open vowel sounds: uh, ah, oh, oo, ee (adding an ‘h’ sound can really help)
  2. Counting as far as you can, then releasing and trying again. Repeat 3 times.


Resonance and freeing the voice:

  1. Resonance scan: hum and feel the resonance in various spots around your body. Try to feel the vibration on your head, throat, chest, back, crown and face.
  2. Lip Trills or horse lips: blow on a p or b sound through soft lips. You can go through your range like this also.
  1. Hum and yawn.
  1. Singing scales can also be great for increasing your range.


Notes: Stress the importance of voice in performance, pronouncing and projecting words, dialogue etc. 

Make sure that you don’t push your voice too hard, this is a warm-up after all.

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