026 – Put-ups not Put-downs

  • Stick a piece of paper on the back of each participant. 
  • Ask the group to go around and write something positive (a ‘put-up’ as opposed to a ‘put-down’) on each persons back.  
  • No one reveals what is written on anyone’s back until everyone has written on everyone’s back. 
  • Ask the group to sit in a circle, remove their paper from their backs and read what has been written about them and discuss how this makes them feel. 


Examples: Some questions the facilitator could ask are: Is there anything written that surprises you? Anything you don’t believe? Why? Does anything reiterate what you know about yourself? What did you expect to see on it? How does your expectation differ from reality?

Notes: This exercise is a great way of building trust and teamwork, as well as providing each participant with an awareness of how they are perceived in a positive way. It can also serve as a starting point for a discussion on the process of ‘Classification’.

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