024 – Games

  1. Select a game which can deal with the idea of political power (i.e. tug of war is ‘push and pull’ power relation, the ‘musical chairs’ game is dealing with inclusion/exclusion). 
  2. Think about the notion of exclusion/inclusion, shutting people out, the game is unfair, who has the power, etc.
  3. Having played the selected game, think about how it can be a metaphor for how real socio-political power is represented in the world. Who creates the narrative/ changes the rules within the game? 


Notes: In the discussion afterwards, make connections between the roles people played in the games and the political platform in ‘real life’. How can you unpick specific social and political hierarchies through the metaphor of the game? 


Example: Optional development of this exercise is to think of how you can develop the game into a drama scene that expresses the above. Encourage the group to suggest games they played in their childhood or their home countries, such as tug of war, grandma’s footsteps or musical chairs. During this exercise, these games became the base of a performance, as games that denoted power hierarchies during a dinner party.

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