023 – Debate

  1. Split the group into two (A and B). 
  2. Choose a relevant topic for each of those groups.
  3. Each group splits into two – For and Against – and takes 15 – 20 minutes to research their given topic. 
  4. Find statistics and/or facts to back up your arguments, and present those arguments as if you are in court. 
  5. Group B votes for or against on group A’s topic. 
  6. Group A presents their for and against arguments to group B. 


Questions: How do you convince people to believe in your opinions? How can you manipulate information to convey a message? 


Notes: The objective of this exercise is not to express and defend personal opinions or preferences, but to learn the best way to provide evidence in a suitable manner and to understand the roots of varying viewpoints. 


Example of a Debate:

Topic: Should 16- and 17-year olds be allowed to vote? 

Encourage the groups to think of three instances/events where having the vote at a younger age was met with resistance or led to issues between political parties/governments, etc.

Ask them to look at countries which allow 16-year- olds to vote (like Austria, Brazil, Cuba) and some of those which do not (like the USA, India, China).

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