021 – Storytelling

  1. Sit in a circle. 
  2. Pass around a ping-pong ball (or other small object at hand) while music is playing. 
  3. Stop the music and ask the person who is holding the ping-pong ball to tell a story, such as ‘Tell a story about your favourite place’ or ‘tell a story about a time you had to defend your opinion’ or ‘tell a story about a time you felt uncomfortable about a situation and didn’t know how to respond’.
  4. Continue to play the game by playing the music, passing the ping-pong ball, and then asking a question to whoever is left with the ping-pong ball once the music has stopped. 
  5. Ensure as many people  get a chance to talk by stopping the music strategically.


Questions: How did the exercise make you feel? Was it difficult or easy to share something about yourself? Did you learn anything about yourself when sharing or hearing these stories?

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