017 – Amplification Circle

  1. Stand in a circle. 
  2. The first person does a small, simple movement. For example, scratch your face, tug on your ear, etc. 
  3. The person standing next to them adds to this movement, amplifying the original action so that it’s larger and more animated. 
  4. The next person amplifies the action even further so that the movement increases in size, sound, and emotion as it moves around the circle.
  5. The instructor can transfer the amplification exercise to media headlines, for example. The media uses hyperbole to manipulate and persuade readers/viewers. 

Notes:  This exercise enables participants to recognise media influences through the use of hyperbole (exaggeration). 

This exercise is not focused on speed and energy, but rather on concentration and detail. You may ask participants to focus on precision as the movement increases from one person to the next.

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