015 – A Theatrical Debate

  1. Based on an event you may have found in a newspaper article/in the media. In pairs, think about who you (A) and your partner (B) are in relation to this event and what is your relationship? For example, you are an anti-vax protester and your partner is a healthcare professional. 
  2. ‘A’ enters, does a quick monologue or an action, reflecting on the newspaper story, then ‘B’ enters and responds. An interaction begins. This should take the shape of a theatrical debate. 
  3. Think about what the dynamic between A and B is, what is the event, what is the context of this event, what dialogue takes place, what is the structure of the scene (i.e. a dialogue or a non-verbal interaction), etc? 
  4. When the facilitator says ‘revelation’ they need to change the scene – something happens which alters the circumstances from the original narrative of the article. When the facilitator says ‘exit’ – one of the participants leaves the scene in character. Their exit is relevant to the scene. 


Notes: The exercise plays with how participants use information in a theatrical environment, how they can change the scene spontaneously, how they establish and stage a fictional relationship from a non-fictional source. Also, how they respond to particular events, contexts and stories and the people involved in them. 

This exercise encourages participants to empathise and try to understand different people’s viewpoints in relation to the chosen event.

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