014 – Improvisation

  1. Create a context, such as a dinner party, jobcentre, hairdressers, etc. 
  2. One person should write various sentences on individual pieces of paper and add them to a container. Each person draws one piece of paper from the container. 
  3. Improvise in pairs and trios. 
  4. One person calls out the name of another member of the group and they introduce their sentence into the conversation naturally. Their partner responds to this change. 
  5. When a pair is interacting, the rest of the group remains frozen. 


Notes: Did the given context work with the group? Could the context become a potential frame for a performance? You can choose to explore other environments as well – at the office, at the bus stop, on the tube, at school, etc.  


For this to be relevant to the Toolkit themes, the facilitator would need to consider the context in which the activity is introduced. E.g. relevance to immigration. The statements can be quite provocative, like ‘Why don’t you speak English?!’


Example: The pieces of paper can contain simple or vague sentences, for instance, ‘I do not enjoy carrying umbrellas with me’ or ‘that doesn’t belong to you’.

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