010 – Enter and Exit

  1. Get into two groups, Group A and Group B
  2. A’s start and Bs watch. 
  3. All the A’s wear a theatre mask each and enter the space, one after another – only one person on stage at any time. They suddenly notice the audience, do any reactive gesture they can think of and then leave the stage. 
  4. Repeat the exercise with group  B,  A as the audience. 


Notes: The objective is to explore the effectiveness of masks and how they can change the way in which we express ourselves and are perceived on stage. With masks, the voice is silenced so physical expression needs to be enhanced. 


The universality of body language and masks is one way of overcoming language barriers in performances. Physical theatre is a genre that uses physical movement for storytelling and is an effective technique for groups in which multiple languages are spoken.

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