002 – Word Associated Circle

  1. Form a circle, everyone facing outwards with their eyes closed. 
  2. One member of the group calls out a word, such as family, fear, discrimination, home, etc.
  3. Keep your eyes closed.* Turn into the circle and freeze into a gesture that depicts your understanding and interpretation of the chosen word. 
  4. Open your eyes and observe and discuss each person’s frozen image. 


* The point of keeping eyes closed is so that participants don’t subconsciously mimic each other. Each person’s physicalization of the chosen word is therefore individual and personal.


Questions: Why was this your immediate thought? What do you take from others’ gestures? How could you interpret this in a different way? What do you think has influenced your interpretation? 


Notes: Some participants will create physical depictions of each word on a literal level (i.e. for the word ‘family’, holding a baby in their arms), others may approach the words metaphorically or abstractly (i.e. for ‘family’ depicting a heart with their hands). The facilitator can encourage discussion on the similarities and differences between each gesture.


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