001 – Alphabet Association

  1. Think of a theme to research. For example, if the theme is Genocide, write each letter out –  G.E.N.O.C.I.D.E – on flip-chart paper and stick on the wall. 
  2. Ask the group to write words associated with each letter from the word G.E.N.O.C.I.D.(E).



    G – greed, goals, God, geography, gender

    E – escape, economy, education, empathy

    N – never again, nature, Nazis, norm

    O – oppression, objectification, opportunity, ongoing

    C – conviction, connection, contamination, compassion

    I – impartial, inflation, ideology, indoctrination

    D – death, denial, damage, discrimination

  3. In pairs or small groups, select three of the words on the wall and create 3 tableaux*. The tableaux (tabs) must depict a narrative that incorporate each of the words, with a beginning (tab 1), middle (tab 2), and end (tab 3).

  4. Discuss why you associate certain words with others. Where has this association originated? Is it a positive, negative or neutral association? How did the still images change or enhance the symbolic association of the words?


* A tableau is a frozen image, created through the participants’ bodies and their positioning in space.

Notes: This is a great exercise to create short scenes which lead to discussion on Classification and Symbolisation.


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